Lives longer, tastes longer

Lives longer, tastes longer

Unlike many people flowers can perform no fewer than three miracles: decorate, heal and smell, all this in sheer modesty.

We all wish for the herbs to give us joy with their beauty, scent or even taste for the longest possible period of time. However to achieve this we have to give them - apart from the regular verbal recognition for how nicely they are growing - a sufficient light and enough water.

Provision of light is relatively easy. The herbs demand light, so the ideal location is a window facing the south or possibly the west. Rosemary will look best in a window. In addition to the beauty of the herbs you grow, a simple elegance of the pure lines of your flower-pot will also emphasise. Rosmarin is the first product of a new line of Czech design products for a more beautiful home.

Now we have had the light. Providing sufficient yet just adequate moisture, nonetheless, has always been a much more difficult task. In fact it was. Until we developed Rosmarin - a selfwatering herbal flower-pot. Thanks to the wick, the water from the reservoir is supplied gradually, as the plant demands it. Thus you can be pretty sure there will be just as much moisture as needed. And without worries.

A TIP FOR YOU: For watering ideally use rain water. Those of you who lack such an option will use tap water. Always leave the water stand still for at least two hours. Expect a delightful scent in the kitchen and also the taste.