How flowers effect our psyche

How flowers effect our psyche

Striking the work-rest balance is essential for our health. Balanced rest and relaxation should be made an inseparable part of our lives.

We should not be afraid to relax and devote the time we have for this purpose to regain and keep the energy, the peace of mind and the joy of life. Such moments when both the body and mind come to rest are - particularly today - perceived as exceptional and exclusive. Flowers, their colors, or the care of them can help us achieve the maximum relaxation effect.

Flowers have a mysterious and profound effect on our feelings. They relax tension of our minds and make the environment we live in every day more pleasant. Their scent charms our senses and their beauty calms our minds. We smile and our eyes glitter. In addition, plants have a substantial effect on people´s psyche. Their presence can effect humans in a number of ways. A mere look at the plants has a positive effect on people´s mood, supports the peace of mind, and serves as a counterbalance to the negative effects the overtechnologized world has on us. Their soothing green color creates a pleasant and cosy atmosphere in both the interior and the exterior. Some people can get help from them in a difficult situation when they serve as a listener or a protector. As generally known the flower needs care. This is why, in some, it can induce the need to take care of something.

Flowers and their growing play an important part in our lives. People perceive their aesthetic function most. Not just flowers in gardens, but also flowers in vessels in our interiors significantly decorate and bring refreshment for both our eyes and minds. Besides, the custom of potting the plants has been in existence since as early as the ancient Greece when, during the famed Adonis feasts, they observed blossoming and daying away of flowers in pots.

However let us take another, different look at the plants. Pot flowers give us a chance to realize our need to take care of somebody or something, they form an integral part of our relationships and stories, says Lenka Novotná of Plastia company which specializes in manufacturing plastic flower-pots and selfwatering systems.