The Plastia company was established in 1993.


The production programme for garden dates back to 1995.


In 2003, we have launched what we call the winter programme - products for the winter season as snow shovels popular around the world, and other products.


Since 2004 we have been busy developing our activities concerning sub-deliveries of technical parts for the automotive industry, which are currently making about 40% of the total production volume.

In the same year we established our own tooling shop which makes it possible for us to manufacture moulds and therefore have control over the entire process of development and production from the beginning to the end.

2012 - present

At present, in 2019, the company employs 70 workers and the company compound has the total flooring of 6 000 m2, the warehouse strorage area offers 5 000 positions for pallets. People know our products in 23 countries around the world.

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