We have a new visual identity

Plastia is introducing their new visual identity represented by the symbol of a TREE.

Why a TREE?

Throughout the centuries trees and their wood have been protecting us from the extremes of frost and heat, providing us with fruit. People also use their leaves and roots in the foodprocessing and farmaceutical industries. Trees give us wood of which we can manufacture tools and toys for children. Wood is the material we use to build houses, ships and bridges. It is the trees that provide fuel for fire that has been driving the civilization forward since the moment we learned how to use it.

In Plastia, we cherish a tree as the symbol of CONTINU ITY in time and RESPECT for natural resources.

Trees, with their roots firmly set in the ground and their tops reaching towards the sky, are the symbol of life, the expression of a union of three realms: heaven, earth and water. Without the roots there would be no treetop and without the treetop and its leaves there would be no living tree. If the tree trunk is weak, the treetop will break. Similarly, in Plastia we have all components of a production company represented. We have own production, toolshop, research, development and design, as well as sales and economic departments. No department can exist without the others, and only together they can produce a complete result.

In Plastia, we think of a tree as the symbol of WHOLENESS, COMPLEXITY and the importance of COOPERATION.

Also, our tree trunk incorporates two human beings – a man and a woman. For us, this symbol represents a communion with nature and a unity of two opposites: a man and a woman. Likewise, it highlights the importance of the FAMILY and a good background for a fair personal development of everyone. Such individuals, then, can work well and with a sense of purpose, directing their companies towards a p rosperous future.

As far as the company´s long-term strategy is concerned, a tree refers to the importance of an ORGANIC growth.

We believe our new symbol will enable you to see and perceive our corporate values and share them with us while our cooperation lasts.

A tree is one of the most powerful symbols. It is the embodiment of life. Ancient nations largely believed that a tree was charged with lots of energy. A woodland has become the symbol of mystery and transformation, while being the home of sorcerers and magicians. A tree used to be worshipped in nearly all parts of the world where there were favourable growth conditions. Some of the symbolic meanings of a tree really do apply universally. The evergreen trees symbolize longevity and immortality, while the deciduous ones represent renewal and rebirth: either of them reassure the humankind about the continuity of being.

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