We help

Since its establishment, Plastia has been a champion of the SRM, or the company´s Socially Responsible Management and functioning on the market. We try to help where it is necessary, but we also try to perceive our responsibilty for the world outside the company by making it an inseparable part of the company´s vison and strategy.

Responsibility for new life

In line with the company´s focus (production of gardening needs), with its target group being predominantly women, we have chosen for a long-term support those of subjects which bring social benefit exactly to women, motherhood and family.

We give financial support to the following subjects:

  • Kindergarden in Nové Veselí
  • Maternity center Zvoneček in Havlíčkův Brod
  • Maternity center Boskovice

Further, we support Nedoklubko, a civic association, which aims to help premature babies and their parents. Here we go beyond the financial assistance, as our employees directly take part in the activities of this association.

We have also helped the Neonatological Ward of the Faculty Hospital Brno, department of premature babies, by purchasing a specialized equipment - in this particular case in co-operation with DN Formed company from Brno.

Responsibility for the environment

We respect the environment in which we live and do business. The reason is not only an awareness of the importance of the sustainable development, but mainly the plain love of our native land - the Highlands. For this reason alone we tried to achieve full architectural and material intergration of the company buildings into the landscape - by way of using classic natural materials that are used in the Highlands since the time immemorial.

Yet, above all, we try to act responsibly in production:

  • we develop our products with regard to a long service life,
  • environmental standards are consistently kept in all the shops,
  • all the waste material is sorted and further processed,
  • faulty products from production are granulated and processed (reused, etc.) directly in the factory.

Patrnership with our employees

We know our satisfied and loyal employess are the greatest asset of our company. This is why we try to build and strengthen our mutual partnership. An evaluation and motivation system has been implemented, through which we try to work with our emploees motivating them individually so that they can grow both professionally and personally. Language courses and other trainings form an integral part of our striving for development.

We have also been trying to integrate women after their maternity leave back in the working process; it takes the form of a part-time job. Every year we organize an entertainment afternoon full of games and competitions for the children of our employees. At work we strive to keep the principles of the gender equality (currently we have 50% of women working in the top management, in the mid-management the percentage is even higher) and we employ people with disabilities.

If you are interested in more information please feel free to, contact us.